Aug 18, 2011

Reading RSS Revisited

In RSS Readers: Your Reading in One Spot on Your iOS Device, I wrote about RSS readers, of which there are many in the app store.  At the time, I told you that I prefer to use Google Reader in Safari rather than a dedicated app.  All my feeds are in Google Reader which I can read on my Mac, on other computers, etc. so I prefer having one place where I set up all of my feeds.  Plus, Google Reader in Safari on the iPhone works pretty well.

Since i wrote this, I've found something else that I think I like a little better.  Feedly is a universal app that can be run on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Feedly doesn't require that you subscribe to RSS feeds via the app itself.  It simply uses your Google Reader account and presents it in a more attractive way. It also uses gestures, one of which I really like.  Most pages show four entries.  On a given page, I read the ones that interest me and swipe down to mark the rest of that page as read.  That and the more attractive interface make this my go-to app for reading RSS feeds on my iPhone.

What do you use for reading feeds on your iOS device?

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