Dec 23, 2011

RunPee: Finding Out Whether to Stay for the Credits at the Movie

When  I wrote about the RunPee app in my The Right Time to the Movies post, it was for it's practical purpose of letting you know when to take care of your biological needs while not missing an important part of the movie you paid so much to watch. If you don't order a large drink like I do and don't need the app for the primary purpose it's intended, there is another reason to have it.

Dec 20, 2011

Preview Tracks in Naturespace

Naturespace, an app I've written about a couple of times already and one of my favorites, has undergone a major update. If you've never heard of Naturespace before, it's an app that plays ambient nature sounds that are of a quality that is unrivaled in any other similar app out there.  It's a free download so if you don't have it, download it and try the five free tracks that come with it. Try them with headphones to appreciate the quality.  The huge catalog of tracks beyond the free ones range from $0.99 to $2.99, most being $1.99.

Back to the update: In addition to fifteen additional tracks, which would make for a really nice update, Naturespace now offers non-looping shortened previews of tracks. The previews are available if you make an in-app purchase of a "Visitors Pass". The Visitor's Pass is free if you have purchased five or more tracks. Otherwise it is $1.99. If you have the Visitor's Pass, you simply click the Visit button for a track for which you want to download a preview.

Dec 13, 2011

'Tis the Bowl Season

It's December and you know what that means...the beginning of Bowl Game Season.  OK, that pales in comparison to Christmas, but it still makes for a lot of football enjoyment.  With games starting on December 17, how can you prepare and what can augment your bowl-watching experience?  ESPN produced an app for your iPhone for that, and it's free.

ESPN Bowl Bound for the iPhone is a wealth of information and news for the upcoming bowl season.  Prior to the games, you can use it to check up on news, schedules, season highlight videos, rankings, game previews, and Twitter commentary from select sports commentators and colleges.

During the games, follow the game stats and check the rosters.  You can also follow, or contribute to, the discussion.  For quick access, you can set your favorite team.

For the price, ESPN Bowl Bound is a great way to keep bowl info at your fingertips, whether watching the games or just checking the bowl schedules.

Dec 8, 2011

For My Android Friends...

No, this is not a post for friends that are androids.  It is a post for my friends that own Android phones. Although I much prefer the iPhone for it's usability, software design, and huge app store, I realize that the choice of smart phones is largely a personal preference. So, in the spirit of unity around Christmas time, I offer this list of my past posts which I think are also useful to Android phone users.  Most of these posts mention apps that are available both on iOS and on the Android operating system. To find out about one of those app, simply search for it followed by the word "Android" (e.g., "grocery iq android").

Dec 6, 2011

Apps as Gifts or Stocking Stuffers

Did you know you could buy iPhone and iPad apps from iTunes and give them as Christmas presents? By default, iTunes (on your Mac or PC) will email a redemption email with a gift.  While this is great for someone far away, that you won't see at Christmas, there is a better option that is a little more personal. You can print the gift and iTunes will create a decent-looking page with who the gift is to and from, what the app is, and instructions on redeeming it.

Since only the "Redeem Code" on the printed sheet matters, you can simply write that on your own, more personal card if you want and put it in a box or in a stocking.  For a stocking-stuffer you'll want to use a small card.  If you are the creative type with graphical talents, you can create a business-sized card with the apps icon, a special message, and the redeem code.