Jan 11, 2011

The Right Time to Pee...at the Movies

Over the holidays I saw a couple of movies.  Since I don't get to the movies much, I like to take in the whole experience, including the popcorn and the large Diet Coke.  As you can imagine, I'm at some point in the movie presented with the dilemma many movie-goers face.  How do I get relief from the pain of having drunk a large caffeinated beverage while not missing anything important?

Would you believe there is an app for that?  Despite its name, it's not one of those silly joke apps, and, believe it or not, it's actually quite practical.  It's called, appropriately, RunPee.  It has a list of every movie that is currently playing along with the best times to get up and go to the restroom without missing anything exciting.  It has not only the time during the movie (and a timer to keep track) that it's the best time to pee, but cue's as well (e.g., "right after the train smashes into the horse trailer").  I don't bother with the timer but simply use the cues.  The best part is that it gives a synopsis of the part that you missed (assuming some average time in the restroom).

Sometimes practical doesn't have to be that serious.

(By the way: As of this writing, it is down from $0.99 to free.)

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