Aug 30, 2011

Live Fantasy Football Draft on the iPhone

Update for 2012:
The Fantasy Football Draft Monster '11 app is no longer available and has been replaced by the Fantasy Football Draft '12 HD - for Yahoo/ESPN iPad app and the Fantasy Football Draft '12 - for Yahoo/ESPN iPhone app. Because it's a new app, it's a new purchase, but even at $4.99 or $2.99, respectively, it's worth it if you need it. This year adds support for auction drafts in addition to snake drafts. Both apps are rated 4-stars as I write this.

I mentioned an app for the iPhone called Fantasy Football Draft Monster '11 - Yahoo/ESPN Live Draft App when I wrote the Prepare for Your Fantasy Football Draft with Your iPhone or iPad post last week.  I mentioned how you can use it to rank your players before the draft and, as an aside, that you can even use it for your draft (for Yahoo! and ESPN leagues).

Tonight I needed that live draft functionality. I had a fantasy football draft that both myself and my wife were participating in. My wife was using our only computer for the draft so I used the app instead.  I was initially concerned that a fantasy draft app wouldn't work well on the iPhone because of the small screen real estate. To my pleasant surprise, it worked incredibly well.  The screen was divided well by tabs and had a very intuitive user experience. I wish that I'd taken a screen shot during the draft to show you but instead you'll have to settle for the after-the-draft results tab.  I highly recommend it if you find yourself needing to draft your team away from the computer.

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