Aug 4, 2011

Refill Prescriptions the Easy Way on Your iPhone

When I'm thinking about what next to tell you that you can do with your iOS device, the answer often comes unexpectedly as I use mine to do something I haven't told you about yet.  Tonight was one of those times.  As I wondered which of the many next things I could write about, my wife said something that reminded me I needed to refill a prescription.  So of course, I went to my iPhone.

That might be an obvious choice because, after all, is a phone.  I could've used it to call the pharmacy, navigate through the options until I got to the place I entered my prescription number, entered the time I wanted to pick it up on the phone keypad, etc.  I chose a simpler route.  I opened the Walgreens app.

The Walgreens app has several ways to refill a prescription:
  1. You can enter the prescription number.
  2. You can pick your prescription from your list of medicines.  This requires login the first time you do it and this is frequently what I do.
  3. You can scan the barcode on your medicine bottle.
The last option was the one I chose this time.  It worked like a charm. I scanned the barcode and picked the date and time for pickup and I was good to go. The Walgreens app remembers the store you regularly visit so you don't have to search for it every time.

If you use CVS or Walmart's pharmacy, there are apps for these as well.  Neither advertise that they allow you to scan barcodes but both allow you to refill prescriptions.  If you use one of these pharmacies, try the app for it and let us know how well it worked for you.

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