Aug 11, 2011

Football is Here: Keep Up

It's football season--or at least the NFL preseason.  The NFL is back playing and college football is starting soon. There's also major league baseball and major league soccer going on.  No matter your sports preference, you probably won't get a chance to watch every game you care about.  Fortunately, that's where your iPhone can help.  There are a couple of good apps for that.

To keep up with my favorite teams, I use Sportacular Pro from Yahoo!, and, occasionally, ESPN ScoreCenter.  Both apps allow you to set favorite teams for quick access, give you game alerts for the teams or games you care about, show you stats and box scores, show live graphical depictions of ball positions and plays, etc. I like Sportacular best because it has a nicer looking interface (which is subjective, of course), it lets you check in for your team and see what percentage of the U.S. is with you, and it lets you predict winners and keeps track of your record.  It also doesn't have ads. Those things give it an edge over the also good ESPN ScoreCenter.  However, I keep ESPN ScoreCenter around for the sports that Sportacular Pro doesn't have. (ESPN ScoreCenter had game where the U.S. Women were playing in the World Cup.  Sportacular Pro did not.)

If you like sports, download ESPN Scorecenter and the free version of Sportacular and try both.  Both have ads so if you want to go ad-free, pony up the $1.99 for Sportacular Pro.

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