Oct 9, 2012

Watching College Football or Basketball on Your iPhone or iPad

Clearly the best way to watch football or basketball is either in person or on a large screen TV (with surround sound, of course). However, if you find yourself away from home, you don't have to totally miss out on actually watching the game.  Thanks to the CBS Sports app for iPhone and for iPad, you can watch college football or college basketball live. The games that are streamed are only selected ones that CBS airs on TV. However, for football, that's the SEC game of the week, which is one I typically care about.

The app itself is unremarkable for anything other than streaming live games but it's the streaming that is the killer feature. If you have a decent data connection, whether wifi or cellular, the picture is good. I watched part of one game on a 3G connection and it was quite clear. I'm sure it looks even better on the new iPhone 5.

You should note, however, that watching streaming video will use up your battery quite quickly and streaming over 3G or 4G will use a good bit of data. Still, it's great to have the option when you want it.

Being that the CBS Sports apps are free, they are definitely worth installing just in case you have one of those can't-be-home-for-the-game moments.

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