Dec 20, 2010

About: Why Practical iStuff?

The Blog

If you landed here on my site, you are probably interested in learning practical things you can do with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that you perhaps didn't know about.  This blog is about exactly that, what you can do and how to do it.

I read a lot of blogs about iOS devices and there are some really good ones out there.  Most of them, however, simply review apps or tell you about news in the Apple world.  These are good things but I discovered something missing.  No blog that I discovered speaks of real-world practical things that you could do to take advantage of these very powerful and very mobile devices.

I will write about apps, but not as much to review them, as to let you know what you can do with them to accomplish things...practical things.  This isn't a blog about iPhone gaming or entertainment, though not every post will be super serious.

I typically post twice per week.  The easiest way to keep up is to subscribe via RSS, subscribe via email, follow practicalistuff on Twitter, or "Like" my Practical iStuff Facebook page.

The Author

I am a software architect, software development director, and avid power-user of iOS devices.  As a power user, I'm constantly discovering new ways to take full advantage of what my iPhone 4 can do, especially leveraging many of the good apps out there.

In some ways, my iPhone is my second brain.  I use it constantly to stay organized, communicate, keep information, lose weight, take pictures, edit pictures, interact with social media, find my way to unknown places, keep up with my favorite football teams, check the weather, listen to podcasts,...I could keep going but that's what this blog is about.

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