Aug 9, 2011

Never Miss a Bill

There are a lot of ways to avoid missing bills if you have an iPhone or iPad: You can add them to your to-do list. You can add them to your calendar. You can download one of the many apps that allows you to enter each bill manually with the day of the month it is due, and then reminds you as the day approaches.  Or you can do something much more automatic.

I started using the free app Pageonce Bills over a year ago. It's an app I rarely open but is incredibly useful just being there on my iPhone. It notifies me any time I have a new bill and when my payment is received.  When I do open the app, I see the upcoming bills and, if I didn't pay attention to alerts, my late bills.

This app has saved me from the problem of forgotten bills in the past and has even kept my family from going over our cell phone minute plan. If you hook up your cell phone account, it will even warn you as you get close to being over your minutes in your plan. (At least, I know it works with AT&T.)

I just downloaded the, also free, Pageonce Money & Bills, which promises to do the same things plus give you access to you financial accounts, frequent flyer miles, etc.  It looks like it is the future replacement for Pageonce Bills.  Try either one if you need a little reminder when bills are due.

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