Aug 23, 2011

Prepare for Your Fantasy Football Draft with Your iPhone or iPad

I debated whether to or not to write about this before my fantasy football league draft.  I knew that it might help my competition.  However, most of you are not in a fantasy league with me but may play fantasy football nonetheless.

The most time consuming part of fantasy football can be researching players in preparation for the draft. Given that, it would be very convenient to be able to easily do that when you are away from the computer, waiting in line, waiting in the doctor's office, waiting to meet a friend for lunch, or just waiting. You can with the help of one of the new apps that help you do the research wherever you are.

One of these is NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011.  It claims to have a "pick recommendation engine" and ranks the players accordingly.  It will even adjust the rankings according to the scoring system you use in your league.  It lets you add players to a wish list but doesn't let you change the rankings.
Another good one is Fantasy Football Draft Monster '11 - Yahoo/ESPN Live Draft App.  It has quite a long name.  It ranks the players according to Yahoo!'s or ESPN's rankings, let's you sync with your rankings on Yahoo! or on ESPN (if you use one of those sites for your league), and even will let you draft from the app.

There are others as well, including Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2011, which looks to be the most promising because it ranks players in tiers, which is incredibly helpful during the draft.  You can go through and mark the ones you want as favorites.  It also includes depth charts and Rotoworld's own fantasy news, which will keep you up to date on who is expected to play and who isn't.

If you are participating in a fantasy football draft in the near future, any of these or others could give you a little bit of an advantage by letting you prepare even when you are away from a computer.

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