Jan 8, 2011

Tips for New iOS Users: Speeding Up Your Typing on the Touch Screen

If you just got your first iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for Christmas, you are still learning your way around it.  Every now and then I will post some quick and simple tips that might help you learn your way around the device.

The first thing that will speed up your typing may be the most difficult to train yourself to do, or at least it was for me.  If you make a mistake in the middle of a word, keep typing.  Your iDevice is really good at correcting words that are miss-typed.  It took me a while to train myself to do this but once I did, it really sped up my typing.

There are also a great number of keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your typing.  Rather than go into them all here, I will point you to a really good list at Mashable.  The double-tap of the space bar tip is life-changing.

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