Dec 6, 2011

Apps as Gifts or Stocking Stuffers

Did you know you could buy iPhone and iPad apps from iTunes and give them as Christmas presents? By default, iTunes (on your Mac or PC) will email a redemption email with a gift.  While this is great for someone far away, that you won't see at Christmas, there is a better option that is a little more personal. You can print the gift and iTunes will create a decent-looking page with who the gift is to and from, what the app is, and instructions on redeeming it.

Since only the "Redeem Code" on the printed sheet matters, you can simply write that on your own, more personal card if you want and put it in a box or in a stocking.  For a stocking-stuffer you'll want to use a small card.  If you are the creative type with graphical talents, you can create a business-sized card with the apps icon, a special message, and the redeem code.
To do all this, use iTunes on your Mac or PC, not on your iPhone or iPad (unless you want to email the code to yourself). Simply click the down arrow next to the price and choose "Gift This App".  Click the print option and print out the gift.  From there, you can choose to use the printed sheet or do your own card with the included redeem code.

Apps are a great, more personal alternative, to gift cards. Most $0.99 apps are great stocking stuffers. Some of the more expensive apps, like Navigon, can be good main gifts.

Printing the Card
What the App "Gift" Looks Like

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