Dec 23, 2011

RunPee: Finding Out Whether to Stay for the Credits at the Movie

When  I wrote about the RunPee app in my The Right Time to the Movies post, it was for it's practical purpose of letting you know when to take care of your biological needs while not missing an important part of the movie you paid so much to watch. If you don't order a large drink like I do and don't need the app for the primary purpose it's intended, there is another reason to have it.

When I saw the first Iron Man movie, I left when the credits started, completely missing the important lead-in to the next Iron Man movie and its hints at The Avengers movie.  (Yes, I'm looking forward to that one.)  However, I hate watching the credits if I'm not going to be rewarded with some little tidbit of cinematic goodness afterwards. That's where RunPee comes in. The last entry in RunPee for a movie will let you know whether there are extra scenes during or after the credits (without spoiling the surprise about what's going to be shown. Armed with that information, you can leave the movie at the right time every time.

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