Jan 3, 2012

Reading Through the Bible with Your iOS Device

Many Christians make new year's resolutions to read through the Bible.  Some just take several chapters, starting at Genesis and reading through Revelations. Others find a plan, print it out, and keep it in their Bible, checking off each day as they go.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, there's an even simpler way using YouVersion for the iPhone or iPad.

YouVersion has hundreds of different reading plans, from reading through the Bible chronologically (which, if you haven't tried, gives you a new perspective on the history), to reading a few verses a day along with a devotional. Once you start a plan, you simply open the app that morning, or whenever you do your reading, and you are presented with the passages to read. Click them and start reading. The app keeps up with your progress and always shows you the right passages of Scripture for the current day.

YouVersion even provides you a way to catch up if you are behind. To keep from getting behind, you can turn on reminders and the app will remind you at the time you designate.  The great thing about using YouVersion for all of this is that it lets you focus simply on reading rather than navigating and tracking.

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