Jan 17, 2012

Using Twitter to Follow Your Favorite Apps

You may look at the title of this and wonder: Why would I want to follow my favorite apps on Twitter? As I wrote in my Twitter: Why Should You Care post, Twitter is good for a multitude of things, including keeping you informed on the things you are interested in. But why apps? You use apps on your iPhone, or perhaps your iPad, but why keep track of them on Twitter.  Here are a few reasons to follow your favorite apps, or I should say, your favorite app developers:
  1. You can find out what's coming in upcoming releases. Like the app that you're using but thinking about quitting it because of features it lacks. A number of app developers will tweet what is coming up.
  2. Know when an app developer puts its apps on sale. This is a big one for some of the major game developers such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft. So if you have Madden 2011 and want Madden 2012, know when Electronic Arts puts it on sale by following @eamobile.
  3. Win things. Sometimes developers give away codes for free apps or other goodies.
  4. Tweet your questions. Companies, especially software developers, are beginning to monitor social media as an avenue where customers seek support. Sometimes you'll get redirected to a support site or email address and sometimes you'll get direct answers.
  5. Learn tips by looking at answers to other customers' questions.
If you'd like to see some of the app developers that have a presence on Twitter, here is my list. There are many more besides this but these are the ones I'm following.

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