Jun 23, 2011

RSS Readers: Your Reading in One Spot on Your iOS Device

One good thing about having an iPhone in your pocket or an iPad by your side is that it's available whenever you have time for a quick read.  One of the things I like to read are blogs, blogs of all kinds: friends' personal blogs, news blogs, technology blogs, blogs by pastors I respect, political blogs, and even other blogs about iOS devices.

As you can imagine, I couldn't bookmark all those blog sites and hope to figure out where I left off reading. That's where RSS readers (or Feed Readers, as they are sometimes called, since some feeds are ATOM, not RSS).  RSS readers are aggregators of all of the content of your favorite blogs so that you can look at them all in the same place, either with the latest posts first or organized into folders or categories.  By the way, RSS is not just for blogs.  Most sites with any kind of news or reviews provide RSS feeds.

As you can imagine, having every blog or other site that you read in one place is really handy.  There are lots of ways to do that on a PC or Mac but it's even more important on a mobile device, where you don't really want to do a lot of surfing around to get to what you want to read.  There are a number of good apps for the iPhone and iPad, but I actually prefer Google Reader in Safari.  The interface is so good, especially for the iPhone, that it's like using an iPhone app. The extra bonus is that, because it's a web app, when I use Google Reader on my Mac, my reading stays in sync.

If your interested in discovering the convenience of the world of RSS feeds, see this Google Reader Help page for more information about using Google Reader to do it.

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