Jun 21, 2011

Send a Real Postcard...from Your iPhone

I sent a postcard with a picture I took a couple of weeks ago...and I didn't even have to mail it.  In fact, I sent it from my iPhone.  With an app called Postagram, it was incredibly simple and not too expensive.

The app takes you through simple steps to creating a postcard.  You choose a picture (from Facebook, Instagram, or your camera roll), type a personal message, add a recipient (or as many recipients as you want), and then click a button to order it.  The recipients can be typed in individually or chosen from your contacts.  Ordering a postcard is an in-app purchase for this otherwise free app.  Each postcard you send is $0.99.  Since it includes the postage, it's not really too bad of a deal.  Your first one is free.

It took about 10 or so days for the postcard to arrive, so keep in mind that it is a lot slower than buying a postcard and mailing it.  The postcard front has your message on the left and your chosen picture on the right.  On the back is the address and the message again.  The message is also on the back for good reason. The square picture--yes, all pictures are square--is perforated so that you can remove it and just keep the picture.  The redundant message is on the back of the detachable photo so that you don't lose the message should you decide to throw the rest of the postcard away.

I've included pictures of my postcard below so you can see what it looks like.  My only complaint was that some of the plastic coating on the card had peeled away from the card where it was perforated.  It could be that it was bent a little in transit.

Postagram is a good option for sending something special in the mail with one of your own pictures.  It's a lot more personal than purchasing an postcard from one of those little spinning racks up near the cash register of the nearest tourist-trap gift store.  According to their web site, you can send it to any country for $0.99 (though it can take 2-3 weeks outside the U.S.).


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