Jun 30, 2011

Capturing Notes on the Go

Having a notepad with you at all the time, with all your notes, is very convenient.  If you own an iPhone or an iPad you probably already know this because it comes with a Notes app.  It's fairly basic but works well for just capturing simple ideas that don't take a lot of text. But what if you want to capture longer notes and your near a PC, or what if you want to record a voice note, or want to simply take a picture and keep it with your notes?

This is where Evernote comes in.  I've tried many notes apps, including Appigo Notebook and Awesome Note but finally settled on Evernote.  If you've read my Apps with Web Components post, you know I like an iOS app that syncs with a web app that I can use when I'm in front of a computer.  Evernote was a web app before it ever became an iOS app.  The two sync seamlessly.

The Evernote app for iOS allows you to not only take notes on the keyboard, but to record notes as audio, and to even take pictures.  All of these different types of notes can be tagged, organized into notebooks, and even searched.  In fact, you can take a picture of a document or receipt and later search for and find that document by the words in it.  Evernote uses OCR to convert scanned text into searchable text.  It's quite a powerful and useful app.

What do you use to capture notes?

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