Jun 14, 2011

Send a Fax from Your iPhone

Fax machines are so last millennium...but strangely, even in 2011, I find myself having to send one on rare occasion.  Given the infrequency of sending faxes and the fact that I don't have a land-line, owning a fax machine isn't really practical.  However, there are just some times that you need to send a fax.  (It seems like it's always to banks, mortgage companies, or doctor's offices, but I digress.)

Today was one of those days.  I needed to sign a document and fax it to a number.  (There was no option to email it, just to fax it.) Not owning a fax machine and not wanting to make a trip out, I decided to try my favorite scanning app, JotNot Pro.  It's not only the best document scanning app for the iPhone of the one's I've tried, it also has the ability to fax documents.  I took a picture of the document, had it converted to a scanned black and white image with JotNot Pro, and then used the Fax feature of JotNot Pro to fax the document. It sent my fax without a hitch.  It did cost me a $0.99 fax credit but that was cheaper than spending $4/gallon gas to go to the nearest UPS Store...and it was far more convenient.
JotNot Pro has been $4.99 at times in the past but is on sale for $0.99 at the time of this writing.

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