Jun 2, 2011

Posting to Craigslist on the Go

I recently helped some friends have an estate sale where they sold almost everything they owned in preparation to move to another country as missionaries.  Since it was important to get people out to the estate sale, I needed to post an ad for it to Craigslist.  At the time I needed to post it, doing that from a computer wasn't really an option.  Since Craigslist doesn't have a mobile-friendly web site I immediately went to the app store to see what my options were.

If you search for "craigslist" on the app store you'll find a number of apps.  I looked through the reviews for each app that had the ability to post an ad and settled on one that was free but had high ratings.  This one, Craigslist Pro, served my needs well.  The interface was OK, not great, but at the price did everything I needed, including letting me upload up to four photos to an ad. It let me update the ad later, which I did after adding the photos.  I knew it worked immediately because, within minutes of initially posting the ad, I started getting emails asking me about the items that were being sold.

The app even came in handy later when I helped my friend set up her own account while the estate sale was going on, so that she could advertise some of the items individually.  If you need to sell something and aren't sitting at a computer, this is a good way to go.

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