Feb 24, 2011

Tap and Hold iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

I've had an iPhone since 2008 but it was only recently that I learned of all the keyboard shortcuts that are available by tapping a key and holding it down.  When you hold a key down, a menu will pop up with the other variations for that key.  I mentioned some of these and gave you a link in my Tips for New iOS Users post but here is a more complete list.
  1. Hold down any vowel key, except Y, which is only sometimes a vowel.  You'll see all of the accented versions of those vowels.
  2. Hold down the N key.  You'll be able to type an ñ.
  3. Hold down the C key to see the ç option.
  4. Hold down the ? mark or ! key.  You'll see inverted ¡ and ¿, respectively.
  5. Hold down the . key and you'll be able to type an elipse ().
  6. Hold down the $ key and you'll see several currency symbols.
  7. Hold down the ' key or the " key and see various forms of the apostrophes or quote marks.
Another nice tip if you need to type a single number or punctuation mark, you can hold down the 123 key and then slide, without lifting your finger, to the key you are after.  Then lift your finger.  The number or punctuation mark will be typed but you will automatically be returned to the alphabetic keyboard without having to tap the ABC key.

What other keyboard shortcuts do you know?

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