Feb 22, 2011

Serious Content Creation on the iPhone and iPad

I'm typing this blog entry on my iPhone with my new Apple Wireless Keyboard. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard that is about the size of a notebook keyboard and can be used with a computer, an iPad, or an iPhone (iPhone 4 and, I think, iPhone 3GS).

The amazing thing about it is this keyboard is, when paired with my iPhone, actually makes textual content creation possible. I wouldn't have written a blog post without it (unless it was a very short blog post).

Beyond blogging, when used with Documents to Go or Pages on the iPad or Documents to Go on the iPhone (since Pages isn't available for the iPhone), real document creation or major editing becomes feasible. Documents to Go Pro allows you to update Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on the go, not just read them. So if you need to do that, write longer emails, or write a blog post, things which I occasionally need to do, the Apple Wireless Keyboard, at $70, is much cheaper than a second computer.

One thing you'll notice from the picture above is that, when using the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the touchscreen keyboard doesn't pop up and get in the way, enabling you to use more of the screen.


  1. Very nice! I see an iPad in your future!

  2. FYI, the keyboard with the iPad is sometimes hit-and-miss. Some apps seem to be tested with the keyboard, others not so much. Here are a couple of keyboard tips:

    - The volume and brightness controls work on the iPad.
    - The "Eject" key (upper right corner) will make the on-screen keyboard pop up. This is helpful if you have multiple keyboards installed and want to access another language. A second press will pop down the onscreen keyboard.

  3. The same thing is happening on my mac, which is a problem because I now cannot repeat keys, can someone help??

  4. I suspect you have Mac OS X Lion, which disable key repeat in favor of quick access to accented characters. To re-enable key repeat, see this article.

  5. @Tim Atkins thanks!


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