Feb 3, 2011

Taking Measurements with You on the iPhone

My wife and I often needs to write down measurements to take with us.  Sometimes with her it is measuring a space for a piece of furniture, measuring a table for a table cloth, measuring a window for curtains, etc.  I've had to measure closets to put in shelves.  In the past, we would write these down on paper.  When we got iPhones, we started recording these measurements electronically as notes on the iPhone...until we found a better way.

I found an app called My Measures and Dimensions.  My Measures allows you to take a picture, then add arrows with dimensions in feet, inches, yards, millimeters, centimeters, or meters.  It also allows you to show angles.  The app doesn't measure anything but by allowing you to record the measurements directly on a photo of the thing your measuring, it gives you a much more visual set of measurements.  Below are some examples where we've used the app:

Here is a video demo of the My Measures app to give you a better idea how it works:

There may be other apps that do something similar to this, but I haven't yet seen them in the app store.  For what it does, it does it well...and it sure beats doing it the old way.

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