Sep 23, 2011

Listening to AudioBooks on Your iPhone and Where to Get Them Free

I may be a little ADD.  I have a hard time focusing on long books but I love to listen to Audiobooks, especially when doing tedious things like mowing the lawn or driving a long distance.  In fact, listening to an Audiobook or something interesting keeps my mind engaged and awake when driving. I always have my iPhone with me and it's a great tool, because of its size, for listening to these.

The simplest way to get Audiobooks for your iPhone or iPad are through iTunes.  However, there are many sites that you can get Audiobooks for free or cheap elsewhere.  Here are a few of them:
  1. - This well-known site has audio books that are in the public domain for free.
  2. Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg is best known for making ebooks from classic literature that you can read on your PC, Kindle, iPhone, or other electronic reader.  It also has a catalog of audiobooks that were either human-read or converted to computer-read (i.e., text-to-speech) books.
  3. - has an extensive library of Christian audiobooks available for reasonable prices.  They also, every month, have a free audiobook available for download. The simplest way to know what audiobook is free for the month is to enter your email address is to sign up for the newsletter. Each month you'll get an email telling you the free audiobook for that month.
  4. - If you listen to a lot of Audibooks, and want some of the latest releases, Audible's subscription-based service might be the right choice for you.  I think the subscription service is fairly expensive so compare prices at least with iTunes to see if it is right for you.
There are many other places besides these that you can find free (or inexpensive) audiobooks. A quick Google search will give you a fairly extensive list of results.  Start downloading and start enjoying. It's a great way to turn otherwise tedious work into something that's enjoyable.

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