Sep 15, 2011

Listen to Police, Fire, and Emergency Radio on Your iPhone

If you like to listen to police, fire, or EMS radio, you used to have to buy a scanner. You can easily pay $100 or more for one of these. However, many of these stations are also streamed over the internet, which is OK if you are at home.  If you are out and about and are trying to find out why there are three fire trucks and a police car near your favorite store, you need something more portable.

This is where scanner apps such as Scanner 911 for the iPhone come in.  It gives you a directory, by state, of police, fire, and EMS radio stations.  It also has airport control tower radio and a number of amateur radio stations. Scanner 911 even has a handy reference list of codes typically used by police and emergency workers so that you can understand what is being said.

I found Scanner 911 useful during recent flooding due to Tropical Storm Lee, listening to where people were having to be rescued after going into too-deep water.  It definitely convinced me not to venture out.

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