Sep 13, 2011

Fantasy Football: What You Can Do on Your iPhone and Why

One of the great things about football season, besides the imminent cooler weather and the excitement of watching football, is getting to play fantasy football with friends.  In the old days, that was too much work for me to enjoy, but now with a multitude of web sites handling the scoring, your team management, etc., it's a lot of fun and a whole lot less work.  However, when web sites began to keep track of your team and your scores, participating in fantasy football still involved getting in front of a computer to set your line-up, add or drop players, and check your scores.  At least that was the case until until the smart phone.

Now there are apps for all the major fantasy football outlets:
  1. Yahoo! Fantasy Football '11
  2. ESPN Fantasy Football 2011
  3. NFL Fantasy Football 2011
  4. Fanstasy Football Monster '11 - If you are in more than one of these leagues, this is the one to get.
Each of these apps allow you to check scores and set line-ups. All but the Yahoo! app will allow you to add and drop players.  (Yahoo! promises to add this functionality.)

Why would you need all that on your phone?  For example, when you find out Nate Kaeding is out for the season, you may want to put your backup kicker in while you are thinking about it.  In fact, you may need to make a last minute substitution when you are away from home.  Also, you may be watching your favorite team on TV from your recliner, from a friends couch, or from your favorite sports bar & grill.  Having a computer with you to check how your doing against your opponent for that week isn't always feasible.  Your iPhone, is probably already with you.

Fantasy football is one of those fun activities for which it helps to have mobile access.

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