May 17, 2011

Throw Away Your Discount Cards

You know those discount cards that you carry in your wallet or on your key ring, the ones that you want with you because they actually do save you money. Get more than a couple and they start to get in the way, making your wallet fat or your keyring bulkier. There is a better way.

You carry your iPhone wherever you go already. What if there were a way to store them on your phone, where they wouldn't take up any more space? Imagine going into Best Buy and at the register, instead of fumbling for your Best Buy Rewards card, pulling out your iPhone instead and having the cashier scan that. Well, there are apps for that.

I have used a couple of apps that do this, and either one of them is a good choice. They both allow you to scan cards into the app by scanning the barcode.  They also both have logos for a multitude of companies that show up on your virtual cards. They both even offer deals at stores for which you have cars. In fact, they are both free.  (I said both a lot of time, I realize.)
  1. I started with CardStar, which was a fine app. I only replaced it because I liked the next app I found slightly better.
  2. After hearing from an Android-owning friend about Key Ring Reward Cards. It seemed to scan cards into the app better than CardStar, though that could just be my experience. I also liked the user-interface better.
The only problem with any of these apps is that you will experience varying results when a bar code is scanned on your phone at the register. The results will depend on what kind of bar code scanner the store has.  If it doesn't scan, Key Ring allows you to click a button, which will bring up the number in a large font so the cashier can easily read it without you handing your phone over to a stranger.

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