May 24, 2011

Play a Game, Get Free Software for Your Mac?

It won't be often I talk about games.  After all, this is Practical iStuff, not Entertaining iStuff.  But sometimes, playing a game is a practical thing.

MacHeist is a site that has been around for a while and sells bundles of Mac software at a discount.  Every so often they do what they call a "heist", where people are invited to solve puzzles to get a free bundle of Mac software.  In the past, this was done via the MacHeist web site.  The latest heist though is different.  It's done with a new iPhone app, called The Heist.

This new iPhone app is a puzzle game with a series of puzzles that you can solve to remove all the security around the vault and open the vault.  Once you solve all the puzzles, MacHeist promises to give you a surprise that they say is worth much more than the $0.99 payment for the app.  That's practical.

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