May 5, 2011

Old School Radio: Vintage Radio Shows on the iPhone and iPod Touch

The Green Hornet, Flash Gorden, The Lone Ranger, Abbott and Costello, The Adventures of Superman, Sherlock Holmes.  These are some of the old radio shows that families would gather around the living room to listen to before television.  While you're not likely to do this at home anymore since you own a television, the lack of video makes old time radio programs a good choice when doing things that require the attention of your eyes elsewhere (driving or exercising, for example).

The app that I use for this is called Vintage Radio Lite.  Despite the name, it's actually a $0.99 app.  However, for the price of a big bag of chips you get over 1,000 old time radio shows like the ones mentioned above (and many, many more).  You might be surprised by how much your kids like these shows.  My kids love the Abbot and Costello "Who's on First" episode, and think that it's hilarious...but who doesn't?

What's your favorite old time radio show?

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