Aug 6, 2013

Managing a Busy Life

I haven't blogged in a while because things have been crazy-busy. This doesn't mean I haven't been using my iPhone and iPad, however. In fact, they've been critical tools in managing all that I have to do. One of the most critical apps that helps me manage it all is Appigo Todo.

To keep up with the crazy schedule, I use the built-in calendar on my iPhone and iPad. My iOS calendar is synced with Google Calendar so that I can enter calendar entries anywhere that I have access to a browser, such as at work. It's good have your calendar always with you on your iPhone, but sometimes it's nice to use a full keyboard for quick entry.

For quick, temporary notes, things I need to remember for a short time I use Write on both my iPhone and iPad. It's simple and focuses on entry, not organization and the notes sync between my two devices. If I want to keep a note long-term and organize it, I export it to Evernote by tapping Save in Evernote within Write, which is far more convenient than copying the text and pasting it in a new Evernote note.

All of these are essential to me because I know I can't trust my memory. If I don't write it down, I forget what to do, where to be, or some other important fact. What do you use to manage your busy life?


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