Jan 4, 2013

Apps to Start the New Year Right

It's that time of the year when people have decided to keep a set of resolutions or goals. If you are one of those who set goals for 2013, there are apps for your iPhone and iPad that can help. Here are some that I've written about before that I think are among the best:

  • Lose It! - This is a great, free app for keeping track of calorie intake and burn. The idea is that you have a calorie budget and record all that you eat and all that you expend in exercise. It has a huge database of foods with their nutrition information so you don't have to manually count the calories.  Read more about it here.
  • RunKeeper - Want to track your walking, running or biking, automatically using your phone's GPS? This is the app to use. Read more here.
  • Fitocracy - This app makes lifting weights a fun game for extra motivation. Read more here.
  • MoneyWell - Need to stay in budget? This is the app I use, along with it's companion app on the Mac. Read more here.
  • Fighter Verses - This is the app to go to if you want to memorize Scripture. It will quiz you and provide a number of other tools to help you memorize. Read more here.
Here are some other apps I'm using that I really like but I haven't written about...yet:
  • Goal Master - This is really more about the habits that help you reach goals but I've tried many goal apps and have found Goal Master to be the one that most meets my needs. It's the most flexible of any I've tried.
  • Day One - I started using this to journal every day. It's a great app and syncs with the Mac version of the same app via either iCloud or DropBox. It's ability to take photos, the ability to use markup (instead of just plain text), and it's ability to tag entries make it a very robust app for journaling.
  • Zombie's Run - This app makes walking or running a fun, immersive experience. It's a story and a game that helps you stay motivated to exercise. I'm confident I'll write on this later, after I've used it a few more times, but having used it twice already, it does make walking or running more engaging. I delayed getting this until it added a feature that syncs with your RunKeeper account but, now that it has this, I can still see all my routes and activities in RunKeeper, even if I used Zombie's Run to record them.
What are your favorite, "start the new year right" apps, the ones that you think will help you stick to it all year?

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