Nov 10, 2011

Up to Date Fantasy Football Information on Your iPhone

If you play fantasy football with me, please stop and don't read the rest, because I'm giving away one of my secrets.  When you realize, like I did today, that Thursday night football for the season is already starting on the NFL Network, you know it's a narrower window during the week that you have to set your lineup.  This means that it's critical to be able to do that anywhere. That's one of the reasons I wrote Fantasy Football: What You Can Do on Your iPhone and Why.

However, to set your lineup on the go you need to be able to do some research on the go.  You need to know the latest about players and teams (especially roster changes and injuries) to decide who to start, who to sit, and who to pick up out of free agency.  So what's the best ways to get the information you need on the go, on your iPhone?

The answer might be unexpected.  It's Twitter. If you follow the right people on Twitter, you can easily get the latest information about players and teams, some of it very much centered on fantasy football. Who do you follow for good fantasy football info?  Here is my list.

By the way, I still use Echofon Pro on my iPhone for Twitter for the reasons described in my Twitter: Why Should You Care post.  Now, back to setting my lineup.

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