Sep 11, 2012

The Fantasy Football Secret Weapon on Your iOS Device

What if there were an app for your iPhone or iPad that would give you a diverse set of very timely news and opinions that were relevant to your fantasy football strategy. What if this app gave you the latest news regarding injuries, who is playing well, who is struggling, who is likely to start, and how contract negotiations are going with that hold-out player.  What if this app gave you news so up-to-date that, while you were watching one game, you knew about how players in other games were performing?

That app exists and it is not what you expect. In fact, it's not even one app, but it is, in fact, a whole class of apps that basically do the same thing. These apps are all Twitter apps and here is a good run-down of the best ones.  (I personally use Echofon.)

The apps vary but they all do the one thing that will help you effortlessly stay on top of news that will help you manage your fantasy football team: Deliver content from great sources you can follow on Twitter about NFL football.

What are these sources, you ask? Below are some of the ones I follow. Some are specifically oriented toward fantasy football and give advice. Others are just great sources for what is happening in the NFL. Check them out.
You'll need a Twitter account to follow these. If you think that you don't want to sign up for Twitter because your perception is that it is one of those annoying services that is all about your friends telling you every menial thing that they are doing, please read my Twitter: Why Should You Care? post. Whereas Facebook is all about your friends, you'll find that Twitter is all about your interests...and fantasy football may be one of those interests.

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