Jun 26, 2012

Everything You Wanted to Know About a Movie on Your iPhone

Whether you were watching a movie at home or in the movie theater, you've asked the question before: "I've seen that guy in some other movie before. What did he play in?" or "When was this movie released in the theaters?"  Maybe you weren't watching the movie yet but were deciding what movie to see. You hade questions like: "What kind of reviews did this movie get?", "What is this movie about?",   "Why is this movie rated PG-13?"

The definitive source for most anything you might want to know about a movie information online is The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).  If you go to the IBDb site on your iPhone, it will redirect you to their mobile site, which is more usable on the smaller screen. However, even better than that, is their free app.

For practically any movie ever in the theaters (and even some not in the theaters), the IMBb app has 1 to 10 star ratings, user reviews & critic reviews, trailers, photos, release dates, director, writers, cast & crew, plot summary, a full synopsis (if you don't mind spoilers), trivia, quotes, goofs (errors in the movie), etc.  It even has a parents guide with seemingly the same content as Kid's in Mind.

The IMBb app for the iPhone puts in your pocket all the answers to the questions I mentioned above and more. If you're a movie lover, it should go on your list of Essential iPhone Apps.

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