May 22, 2012

Create Comic Strips from Your Photos on the iPhone or iPad

Maybe seeing The Avengers at the movie theater has inspired you to create your own comic strip. If you don't have the drawing skills necessary, you can still create your own comic simply using your photos, thanks to an app called Comicbook! for the iPhone and iPad.

Comicbook! makes creating a comic strip very simple. You first choose your layout from the over 30 layouts currently available. In the example to the right, I chose a single pane layout. For each pane, you then start adding photos. Once your photos are there, you'll want to style it with one of the many FX styles. Once you pick a style and choose a halftone, you can start adding captions and conversation  to give it that full comic strip feel.

The app also comes with a large number of useful stickers but you can purchase extra sticker collections for $0.99 each. I found the built-in sticker collection to be adequate for my use.

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