Oct 20, 2011

Multi-day Calendar View: A Surprise iOS 5 Feature

I upgraded to iOS 5 the first night and it went pretty smooth but took a while due to the number of apps I have on my iPhone 4.  I've been exploring the new features, some of which I may talk about in the weeks to come.  However, one of them I found completely by surprise.  I was looking at my calendar, turned my head, and when I turned it back to my phone, I noticed I was now holding it landscape-style.  In landscape view, my calendar had changed to a multi-day view, showing three days at a time and allowing me to scroll up & down and right & left. It was a much more practical way of looking at the week than even the List view, which is what I use the most.

What other less obvious iOS 5 features have you found?

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