Apr 12, 2011

Making the Most of iOS Audio: The Bedroom

The iPhone and iPod touch are great audio devices for listening to music, radio, ambient sound, or audio books.  The headphones that come with these devices actually sound pretty good, especially if you are a non-audiophile, like me.  However, in your bedroom, wearing headphones is inconvenient when you are getting ready in the morning and want to listen to music, catching a podcast while changing out of work clothes, or listening to a gentle rain in Naturespace as you drift off to sleep at night.  (See my Ambient Sound post for more information about that last one.)

A nice solution for these scenarios is good sounding clock radio that is also an iPhone/iPod dock, something I highly recommend for taking advantage of the audio capabilities of your device while, as a bonus, charging it at the same time.  So, how do you know which one to buy?

I bought an earlier version of the iHome iP90 at Best Buy.  The Best Buy near me had a good selection of iPhone/iPod clock radios that were hooked up to power.  I was able to dock my phone in all of them to test the sound and found the iHome iP90 to be the best sounding one for the price.  It had a fuller, more natural bass sound for a clock radio.  A lot of new models by several companies have come out since then so my recommendations would be (1) try one out at a store (Apple or Best Buy will let you do this) and (2) read reviews.  I haven't regretted buying mine.  It's been a great way to listen to audio in the bedroom.

By the way, if you have an iPad but not an iPhone or iPod Touch, there is an option for you too.

Next up, listening in the car...

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