Mar 29, 2011

HDR After the Fact on iOS

I mentioned in my The Best Camera is the One You Have with You post that the HDR feature on the iPhone 4 produces some pretty good pictures.  But what if you have an earlier model iPhone or an iPod Touch 4G? What if you simply didn't have HDR turned on? What if you used a point-and-shoot camera and only took one shot? Is there a way to get the an HDR-like shot after the fact?

As of today there is a way to get this look on a picture you've already taken.  When updating my apps today, I noticed that Camera+, one of the apps I spoke about in my Embracing Lo-fi Photography post, just released an update with a new feature called "Clarity".  In one tap, you can update a picture to bring out things in the shadows, make the colors stand out (without oversaturation), and bring about a general clarity to the picture that I haven't seen other apps produce, at least not this easily.  This feature does a better job than the existing HDR feature on the iPhone 4 and can even improve pictures taken in HDR mode.  Here is an example:

Before Clarity (with iPhone 4's HDR Feature)

After Clarity

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